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POWERSOLV Solvent Cleaner

POWERSOLV Solvent Cleaner. Product available in: 500ml Aeroso l5 Litre Tin 15 Litre Tin 210 Litre Drum


Powersolv is a high powered solvent cleaner which contains pure solvents which leave no residue and may be used on electric and electronic circuitry. For safety reasons when using Powersolv, all electric motors and power switches should be turned off and warm or hot components should be allowed to cool prior to use.

Powersolv has a higher WEL (Workplace Exposure Level) than  Trichloroethylene and Methylene Chloride therefore making it safer to use. Powersolv is practically non-conductive. Powersolv dissolves grease, flux, oil, carbon, tar and many other organic substances.

It may be used to degrease electric motors, generators, engine starters and switch gear assemblies, washing away all unwanted residues.Evaporation rate: MediumSolvency rate: Medium