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MAINTENANCE KIT 14 Part Adhesive Maintenance Kit

MAINTENANCE KIT 14 Part Adhesive Maintenance Kit. Product available in: Durable Case


The maintenance kit has been assembled to give one easy to use source of adhesives and sealants readily available for most applications.All items in the kit are available separately and can replenish the kit when needed. All products are listed separately in the catalogue.

Kit contains:

A Bond - Toughened Acrylic Bonder
Aqua Bond - Waterproof Epoxy Putty
Bearing Fit - Securing Compound
D Bond - Adhesive De-Bonder
Dura Gasket - Silicone Gasket
M Bond 20g - Adhesive
M Bond Gel - Adhesive Gel
Matrix 7" - Metal Repair Putty
Nut Lock - Thread Lock
Pipe Lock - Joint Adhesive / Sealant
Pro Wrap - Amalgamating Tape
Retainer - Assembly Adhesive
Stud Lock - High Grade Thread Lock
Wood Fix - Wood Repair Putty