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CLEARLUBE Silicone Free Oil Lubricant

CLEARLUBE Silicone Free Oil Lubricant. Product available in: 500ml Aerosol


Clearlube is a blend of hard wearing viscous lubricants which are capable of performing a wide range of lubrication duties, providing long lasting protection against moisture and other contaminants. Clearlube is clear and will not stain, even if over sprayed. It can be used on almost any component without any adverse effect on the materials they are manufactured from.

Clearlube contains no silicones and is therefore suitable for use in the motor industry for lubricating locks, hinges, runners or catches.

Clearlube is temperature stable and continues to work from -20°C to +220°C and may also be used for lubricating machinery, equipment or wherever there is a requirement for general lubrication. Clearlube contains ingredients meeting FDA 178.3620(b) (food safe ‘incidental contact’ lubricants).