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FASTLANE Fuel Additive

FASTLANE Fuel Additive. Product available in: 5 Litre Container, 15 Litre Container


Fastlane is a blend of solvents and oils, formulated as an additive for all petrol and diesel engines to increase efficiency and maintain a good all round condition.

Once introduced into the fuel system it will dissolve sludge build-up in tanks, fuel lines and filters.

In addition, Fastlane will emulsify any water present in the fuel and keep fuel lines, injectors, carburetors and cylinder heads free from carbon, also acting as an upper cylinder lubricant.

Fastlane protects against oxidation and corrosion, therefore keeping the whole system, from fuel tank to combustion chamber, in first class condition.

Fastlane is invaluable in winter months to assist in the prevention of wax formulation in diesel fuel lines and filters, giving protection down to temperatures of -20°C at a dilution rate of 220-1.

It also provides protection when the wind chill factor presents increased vulnerability.

Fastlane at a dilution of 70-1 will provide protection from waxing at temperatures in excess of -60°C.